ABP News launches #AakhriTaar campaign

21 Jun,2013

By A Correspondent


ABP News has launched a campaign to keep alive memories of the telegram, and has asked people to share their stories about sending and receiving telegrams and using the telegraph service.


#AakhriTaar is an initiative by ABPNews.in to enlighten people about the Electric Telegraph Service, and to revisit the telecommunications revolution that it brought about, the role it played in the Indian independence struggle and the importance that it enjoyed in the past.


Social media is being used to drive the core objective of #AakhriTaar. As Twitter is the telegram of the new world, the campaign is primarily using the Twitter handle @Aakhritaar (https://twitter.com/Aakhritaar/). People can share their telegram stories at ABPNews.in. They may upload a picture/video of the telegram that they have received, the telegram form they filled, the friendly telegram officer they met, or the telegraph office that they visited.


To boost the social presence of the message, the campaign is using the hashtag #AakhriTaar (https://twitter.com/search/realtime?q=%23AakhriTaar) and a Vine video (https://vine.co/v/hBPOHAjKvYv) on the history of Indian telegram has also been shared. The Facebook page, AakhriTaar (https://www.facebook.com/AakhriTaar), is also a seeing fan activity since its launch.


More information is available at http://abpnews.in/aakhritaar.


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