1 Minute View: What makes for a great workplace

26 Jun,2013

It’s not easy to ensure that your workplace is counted as among the best places to work. For, a lot of it requires you to do be financially fit.


But fitness doesn’t mean that you need to sport a six pack. It’s how you conduct your business, how much you care and how compassionate you are.


That appears to be the mantra of Google, which has emerged numero uno in the Best Places to Work in study conducted by The Economic Times.


From essentially a technology major (in fact ET lists it under the IT category) to a full-fledged media giant, Google has come a long way. It gives us pride to have a media firm top the list. There’s Radio City and TV 18 and one could also include MakeMyTrip, Cactus and GroupOn under the larger media umbrella.


Read our Big Story for a peek on the Google story and let’s hope media firms dominate the Top 100 in the study next year.


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