1 Minute View: Welcome aboard, Amazon.in

05 Jun,2013

So one of the world’s most popular e-commerce players is here in India. Yes, Amazon is here. It’s starting out small – with just books, movies and television shows, the website promises to add categories like mobile phones and cameras in the coming weeks.


It’s a marketplace model, where sellers can sell through Amazon as also make use of the websites delivery mechanism.


Are we delighted about Amazon’s launch? Yes, we are. It sure will set new standards in the e-commerce space.


Are we excited about the launch? No, we aren’t. For one, Amazon.in is not like the full-blown Amazon.com site. One would’ve expected Amazon to come up with something bigger.


Perhaps the folks are still studying the Indian space and prefer to not jump on to the bandwagon.


We can be sure there will be more coming up in the coming weeks and months.


Until then, let’s be happy one more phoren power brand is here.




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