1 Minute View: Telegram, RIP

12 Jun,2013

So it’s curtains for the 160-year telegram service. Effective July 15, the state-owned BSNL has decided to discontinue the service.


For generations, the telegram was the fastest mode of transmitting information. Save the telephone call – local calls, or long distance domestic by STD and internationally by ISD. Then there was the trunk call and also the instant opertator-managed service called ‘lightning’ calls.


The fastest and official mode of sending a message was the telegram. News of births and deaths, extension of leave from office, greetings and even call for interviews were done via the telegram. As they would say in Hindi: sasta aur tikau!


There was also the telex and the teleprinter.


Advancements in technology saw the demise of the various Ts. Trunk call first. The telex and teleprinter and now the telegraph.


There are faster ways of sending messages now, there are surer ways of sending messages now, though sometimes we do miss the humble telegram. People can avoid taking your call, but one would seldom not take receipt of a telegram.


However, the service had to die, which it will wef July 15.


RIP, telegram.


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