1 Minute View: Some relief from MagnaGlobal numbers

14 Jun,2013

We must confess we were pretty relieved by the numbers thrown up by the IPG Group’s MagnaGlobal earlier today. So the advertising growth has come down just a few notches from its December prediction of 8.7 percent. The forecast now is 7.8 percent.


Television advertising will grow 6.6%, digital media growth +31% is faster than any other category with mobile and video outgrowing traditional display. Print is not yet dying in India newspapers expanding in language and regional segments leading to growth of  6%, magazines though stay flat. Radio and out-of-home advertising will grow 8%.


Interestingly, the forecast for 2014 is 11.9 percent.


Does all this make you happy? Well, we thought it would be a shade lower, even though the last few months have been good.


But, note, we were supposed to be in the Top 10 in 2017 as per the December numbers and now we aren’t in that exclusive club a year hence in 2018.


The India story can only look up if the socio-political story improves. And that’s in a mess. The media is doing its bit about unearthing all the bad stuff, but we need to all work towards creating an image of an India that’s shining. Bharat Nirman!


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