1 Minute View: Sab’s gambit to get to the top

27 Jun,2013

There is a story about how a popular newspaper which coincidentally celebrates its anniversary in this season of the year lost circulation majorly when it turned upmarket. Or appealing to the Sec A audience, as they say.


Sab TV Exec VP and Business Head took pains to clarify that the basic character of his channel is not changing with the new look which came into effect at 9pm last Friday.


He also informed us that the perception that his channel is more popular in small town India and the lower socio-economic classes is incorrect as research has shown that it’s the higher SECs that are more loyal viewers of his shows.


Media offerings which are successful – and Sab is clearly that – have a peculiar problem.  If you don’t change, people could tire of the same look-and-feel and content. And if you change much, then you could lose your core viewership. But every entity needs a refresh once in a while, even if it’ss a mild one. In this case, Sab has taken care not to change the character of its programming.


What it hopes to achieve with this is achieve a bit of gloss which may appeal to a larger set of viewers. It will be interesting to see if the change helps it get to the Top 3 slot that it is desirous of occupying.


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