1 Minute View: Opting out of TAM is not the solution

10 Jun,2013

Sony and Times TV have their reasons but opting out of the industry’s viewership mechanism is not the solution. If indeed there’s no confidence in TAM as a measurement body, it should’ve called for an extraordinary general meeting of all members and discussed the issue.


It ought to have invited AAAI and ISA to this meeting so that they could’ve heard out all the issues. If there was indeed much unhappiness over TAM, they could’ve taken some dramatic steps including appointing a two or three-member panel to govern measurement process and data. They could’ve even asked Nielsen and Kantar to get the company a new CEO if there was dissatisfaction with LV Krishnan as CEO.


But by unsubscribing to TAM is like pulling out of a cricket match when you are unhappy with the umpiring decisions.


Already some advertisers and media agency professionals have told us that it’s just not right for channels to unsubscribe from TAM.


The TAM CEO raised the issue in an interview with MxMIndia and said he’s willing to sit across the table and discuss the issue.


Some industry folk have remarked that TAM’s transparency panel and security officer are a case of too little, too late. We agree it ought to have been done a decade back, but why didn’t the Joint Industry Body insist on it. Why did BARC take so much time to happen? Things have started moving in right earnest only in the last two-odd years.


There are too many battles to be fought in the near future. A government wanting to win in an election, the 10+2 minutes ad cap  plus an uncertain business environment. The absence of a measurement system will take the industry down further.


Let sanity prevail.


PS: Interestingly, a day after Sony sent out a letter to TAM pulling out its subscription, a mailer was sent out by Sab TV claiming viewership superiority given TAM numbers.


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