1 Minute View: No ‘bhav’ to the Netas, puhleez!

28 Jun,2013

One may think there’s anything wrong in reporting on the visit of a politician to the Uttarkhand disaster locations. It’s news after all as the politicians are public figures. The problem is that every such visit leads to a disruption in rescue and relief activities which are naturally more important than the politicians providing aid in kind or in monies. Also, in reality the only reason why many political leaders visit disaster locations is for television and print/online media camerapersons to take their pictures.


It’s in the light of this, that we believe the comment made by our Editor-at-Large Anil Thakraney deserves to serve as a guideline for our news media. Do read: News media must black out netas at Uttarakhand.


As they say in Mumbai lingo, let’s stop giving ‘bhav’ (importance and credence) to the netas in our nightly news and newspapers.

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