1 Minute View: Enough of the charade on measurement

18 Jun,2013

By Pradyuman Maheshwari


So the number of networks unsubscribing to TAM’s weekly ratings is increasing by the day.


It’s almost as if broadcaster after broadcaster is by design sending in unsubscription notices to the measurement body.


But now it’s the broadcasters and their body IBF who must find a solution to the problem. It appears that some of them still can’t do without TAM despite opting out.


At least two broadcasters have continued to advertise quoting TAM numbers despite opting out. One did it today (Tue, June 18). Until not too long ago they were sending out missives by the dozen on how they are better than the others.


MxMIndia has been pushing for a meeting of the bosses of all industry associations. A formal dialogue is critical if we want a solution.


They must remember that TAM is an entity they have created. They have seen it function the way it has for long. As one media analyst told us, TAM hasn’t change course in the last five years, so what happened now? Agreed the stakes have gotten bigger and there are certain climatic factors (10+2 ad cap) that have come up, but still, why do all of this now.


Also, our limited memory of how things have been in print reminds us of how despite MRUC being an industry-constituted body, the publishing magnates didn’t have to think much before pulling out their knives if they need to.


If things stay the way they are, if the advertisers and broadcasters aren’t on the same page on measurement, the boys in BARC better get set for a dogfight. Woof!


PS: Or, perhaps, IBF may want to go in for its own measurement metric.


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