1 Minute View: Can we do it at Cannes?

17 Jun,2013

Pardon that exceedingly irritating over-use of the word ‘can’ in headlines on Cannes Lions, but we couldn’t help use it especially when it comes to wondering how Indian entries would fare at Cannes Lions 2013 which kicked off in right earnest on Sunday.


India has sent over a thousand entries (1110, to be precise) and so far the performance has been fair, if Day 2 shortlists were to be included: 43 shortlists in Outdoor, 37 in Press and just 2 in Media.


Now 2 from 106 entries sent in Media is a rather poor showing. Similarly, while there are 37 shortlists in Press, remember that we had sent in 257 entries. And in Outdoor the score is 43 of 249.


The question now is how many of these shortlists actually go on to win a Lions.


The results of the PR, Promo & Activation and Direct will be revealed by tonight, and there’s a good chance of Hindustan Lever’s Lifebuoy Roti Reminder winning a big ‘un.


To the question in the headline: Yes, we can. The question is how much. Can we win more Grand Prix? Can we win more Golds? Can we increase our conversion rate of entries to shortlists?


Those who’ve been on the various juries at Cannes should counsel our younger creative folks on what works for the juries and what doesn’t.


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