1 Minute View: Can diversity help creativity? And journalism?

07 Jun,2013

In the conversation that we had with McCann Worldgroup President Prasoon Joshi, the conversation digressed for a good seven to 10 minutes to discuss the issue of diversity in media offices.


It all started when Mr J spoke about his coming from small-town India and how there are more and more people from outside of Mumbai and Delhi who are getting into mainstream creative agencies. We asked him what the composition is in his agency, and whether he felt that various other agencies too attract folk from the non-metros.


He said the numbers are rising. We didn’t ask him about the caste composition, but we remember discussing this around a decade back with Sanjay Pugalia, then editorial head of Star News (now ABP News). Mr P wanted to do a story scanning the newsrooms of various news media offices and check on whether there were any caste biases in news rooms.


While it’s good to be inclusive and not deter a person from any given region or caste or gender to join an organization, the fact is that keeping in the mind the background while staffing can help in producing better work in creative advertising. And ditto in journalism.


The worry with all of this is that in the attempt to have a well-represented office, certain biases may creep in. The bosses hence need to ensure all of that doesn’t happen.


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