1 Minute View: Brand BJP needs resurrection

13 Jun,2013

Some three decades back, soon after the Babri Masjid episode, the BJP stood for Hindu nationalism. And not just that, it was perceived as a party with a difference, an alternative to the so-called pseudo-secularism of the Centrist parties.


Once the BJP-led NDA government got to power, it was forced to shed militant Hinduism because it couldn’t afford to make that as its credo. And its efficiency levels in power were not dramatically different from the Congress.


Realising that a down-in-the-dumps Congress may be a more worthwhile alternative, a Congress-led UPA government got to power a decade back.


It’s not that the BJP has been totally wiped out, but save Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, it has no national level mass leader. Modi’s charisma is suspect thanks to the strong opposition post the Godhra carnage and riots.


Does Brand BJP have any value? It does, but it’s down very much. Will Brand NaMo have a positive rub-off on the party. Given that he’s perceived to be a man of action, it may work with some, but there’s enough negativity that he brings to the table that will need to be addressed.


For Brand BJP to score high in the coming elections, it will more than just election rhetoric. Some scientific image management, may be?


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