1 Minute View: Batting right with Cricinfo

20 Jun,2013

It is heartening to read Cricinfo (or rather ESPNcricinfo) editor Sambit Bal talk of his commitment to offering quality journalism on his site.


Cricinfo was among the first websites which got quite popular in India, even ahead of rediff.com or any of the various portals. One didn’t know who owned and ran it, but that didn’t really matter. It offered scores and statistics, in a clean format and was accurate. And that’s what really mattered.


The acquisition by the Disney-owned ESPN ensured certain standards would be maintained, which it has done remarkably well.


What makes Cricinfo standout is its commitment to quality. First, it’s no longer just a scores and stats site. Okay, there is also the commentary which is very popular. Over the years, Sambit Bal and his team have successfully built a site that goes beyond just the basics. It’s got content, agreed it won’t fuel controversies or carry gossip, but true blue followers of the game love that. And, yes, it’s got some big name cricketers (no, we won’t use the word ‘celeb’) who add to the weight.


Clearly all of this has ensured that Cricinfo has virtually become the website of record for the world cricketing fraternity. There are the sites of the various country cricket boards (like that of the BCCI), there are sites of individual tournaments (like that of the IPL), but Cricinfo rules.


Ensuring excellence in content always pays. And if it’s credible, it’s a surefire way of winning the hearts of the consumer.


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