1 Minute View: ASCI’s wakes up to SMS ads

25 Jun,2013

Okay, we know we are being a little unfair by saying ASCI wakes up to SMS ads, but clearly an ad is an ad is an ad. And the medium and mode of delivery should hardly be a factor.


The Advertising Standards Council of India, in its new superactive avatar, has been playing the role of a self-regulator remarkably well. As technology dictates the media we consume, it was imperative for the ASCI to look at newer media vehicles with gusto.


So whether it’s SMSes, internet and mobile ads, kiosks, scrollers on television… whatever, the ASCI should review the ads and, of course, entertain clients.  One is not very sure if the National Advertising Monitoring Service (NAMS) will be able to do much with SMS alerts, but it would be good for it to keep an eye for any incorrect claims and excesses in ads in new media.


As advertisers seek more bang for the buck, there will be a tendency to innovate and offer solutions that would not clear standard advertising code. It’s nice to note that ASCI reviewed an SMS ad sent out by a large advertisers.


Smile, the world is in safe hands.


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