1 Minute View: 10 years of showing the finger!

04 Jun,2013

So the Lowe Lintas + Partners celebrates a decade of showing the finger.


Pardon the phrase, but that’s exactly what the agency has done done.


The man who deserves the credit for this is R Balki, creative chief and also big boss of the agency.


There are various reasons floating around about why Lowe stopped participating in the Abby, the annual awards for creative advertising instituted by the Advertising Club (now minus the Bombay suffix).


We can’t get into them because they aren’t on record, so suffice to say that there’s a history to it.


In an interview with afaqs.com, Mr B raises some issues about awards. While we think not all of them are valid, we believe it’s important for the industry get together and discuss these.


As we see it there are five key issues:

1. Scam ads (or Proactive work)

2. Plagiarism

3. Who should constitute jury

4. Should one charge for entries or someone selects them

5. Hold the awards show at Goafest or Mumbai, where you can have more numbers in the audience


Remember the fact that Lowe is holding an awards show implies that they aren’t against the concept of awards. It’s just that they don’t like the way it’s done. We know Ogilvy has its reasons for not participating. And we all know what happened this year at the Creative Abby.


Before we forget about all the issues, we think it would be good for the big bosses to get together.


Chalo, chalo, jaldi karo!


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