We want to bring stories alive: Adlabs Imagica’s Pooja Shetty Deora

08 May,2013

By Johnson Napier


News of a new and state-of-the-art theme park along the Mumbai-Pune Expressway is making audiences take the long drive to sample the new offering. Much of the credit to the enthusiastic response being drawn could be owed to the mammoth marketing exercise being undertaken currently by Adlabs.


Pooja Shetty Deora, Joint Managing Director at Adlabs Entertainment Limited discusses the marketing strategy and roadmap behind making Adlabs Imagica a ride to remember.


The thrust around the marketing campaign seems to be very loud and extensive that one has seen in recent times. Are you content with the way the strategy is being implemented on ground?

The entire campaign has been developed keeping in mind a couple of key objectives:

– To announce the launch of India’s first and only international standard Theme Park

– To educate customers about the concept of a ‘Theme Park’ which has otherwise been loosely used


Different media vehicles have been used to achieve each of these objectives. While Digital and Social Media has been used to engage with customers and spread word of mouth, OOH has been purely used to drive impact and reach. Print has been a mix of impact and bringing alive the concept of a Theme Park. Radio has done the job of sustaining, engaging and ensuring enough recall amongst the consumers. A month-long campaign on key television channels will only add to the scale, reach and internationalness of the overall campaign and the product.


Primarily all mediums that matter have been tapped for this initiative. Do you expect the returns to be as productive across all channels?

Each media has been carefully used at different stages right from pre-launch to launch to sustenance. A clear role has been given to each media vehicle and various innovations have been implemented across media from time to time. We have already seen enough traction being generated on our e-commerce enabled portal www.adlabsimagica.com. Extremely encouraging returns have also been seen through our B2B channel with more and more travel organizations wanting to partner with Adlabs Imagica.


What is novel about the communication strategy being currently implemented to popularize the theme park?

We developed our first phase of communication to drive intrigue about the concept by giving away just enough information. The 2nd phase of launch will see various aspects about the Theme Park unfold one after another; living up to our promise of bringing stories alive.


While the campaign would be running across multiple metros, is there a city-specific campaign that you’d be running or would it be national in approach?

At this stage we want to send out a single message to all our consumers nation-wide; hence from a communication point of view the campaign remains consistent pan India. However we have phased out our reach plan with Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi NCR in the first chapter, followed by other key metro’s and rest of India a couple of months down the line.


Would you elaborate a bit on the marketing spends being rendered across the multiple mediums that the campaign would be running over?

We have allocated spends across different media at different phases of launch. While we kick-started with a heavy burst on Digital and Radio in the pre-launch phase; we made use of heavy Print and Outdoor communication at launch. This will be followed by a high impact burst on Television. We have spread our monies judiciously across all mediums at different phases to drive maximum impact, reach and scale.


Is there a defined TG that you’d be focusing on through this initiative?

In any communication that we do, the core TG for Adlabs Imagica will remain the family. We have been extremely prudent about all our communication being focussed to our core audience.


Do you intend taking the campaign across other cities/states located closer to the theme park?

We have already been extremely strong in our communication all over Maharashtra and Gujarat which are in closest proximity to the Park. Our campaign will soon talk to audience at a national level through our Television campaign. We see ourselves as a holiday destination for anyone across the country and the next phase will also see a pan India communication.


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