Ritu Midha: Thriving on controversies

30 May,2013

By Ritu Midha


Three big events in the recent past became large media events – the IPL of course, Phaneesh Murthy’s office romance gone sour, and, interestingly, the Cannes Film festival- not for what we won, but for what Indian female stars wore at the red carpet!


Though the media tried its best to give Naxal killings a frontbench too – mysteries of a life alive won over the macabre of murder and gore.


Perhaps a nation – tired of mutilated human lives in form of rape and murder- looked for an escape – and media dished out more of what they wanted. As a friend loves to say, ‘you deserve what you get, you get what you deserve!’


And after all, how long can one continue to watch one single genre! 😉


First, the IPL final – the stadium was full, Srinivasan bulldozed his way to give the trophy, and social media was set ablaze with criticism. Chennai lost, controversy won.


Mumbai Indian’s victory lap and dance – looked like putting up a brave front, even Bhajji could not pull it off convincingly!


One wonders if the only option news media had was to cry hoarse about it – and show things-gone-wrong 200 times a day. Wouldn’t a blackout by media send a much stronger message? But then, ratings would be a calamity – and they matter much more than any moral responsibility that we in the media might pretend to have!


And on to the Phaneesh Murthy case. Not to say what he did was right – it definitely was not! And if the corporates are rewriting their code of ethics in this backdrop – they are doing the right thing. But my question is why did the lady in question keep quiet till the time she became pregnant? What was she waiting for? Why can’t we as women create noise when it is truly required? Are we so insecure? If one raises the voice, it is heard – if not the first time, one needs to shout a bit louder second time around. But shout one must – if one doesn’t,one may well be considered a partner in crime. More so, when it comes to well-educated women professionals at senior positions.


Media took a moral high ground here! A massage to female employees of media houses – your organisation is anti-sexual harassment, anti-complying to your boss’s overtures, you can raise your voice – time is now! If the iGate lady (Araceli Roiz ) could do it – why can’t you? Come on… now!


It would be great to see media companies setting an example here, and resolving all such cases in their own organisation. Be the example, and maybe see your brand salience go through the sky. Good CSR is a big audience puller too.


Have no knowledge of what should be worn at Cannes Red Carpet – so would pass it!


IPL would be back next year – too much money riding on it. Perhaps, about time, betting here is made as legal as in horseracing, with everyone betting, everyone would watch it with a hawk’s eye for fixing signals – and help clean it. We already have players are bought and sold in auctions, so nothing really wrong about betting?


Office romances converted into sexual harassment would continue -and media would play the Pope.


As for women at Cannes, it is none of my business – and I kinda enjoy them being rated on what they wear in the biggest film festival in the world, instead of their histrionics in front of the camera! As long as it does not reflect on my organisation’s, my nation’s and my pride, why should I care!


Meanwhile, waiting for the next controversy to break – survival ka sawaal hai!


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