One Minute view: Grow by breaking the language barrier

30 May,2013

Should we return to the silent era of audio-visuals or at least the type of content served by Charlie Chaplin films?


One of the takeouts from the webinar with Rediff CEO Ajit Balakrishnan organised by the International Association of Association (India chapter) is that what will work on the internet/digital media is something that can break the huge language barrier that exists in India. Mr B suggested 2-3 minute quickie videos as a possibility. Videos that are low-priced and don’t cost a few crores as ad films do.


What we need is the top creative talent to channelise their energies on this. Thanks to social networks,  online media have got huge viral power. The bucks can be big from just Google ads!


As the adline says: What an Idea Sirji!


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