MTV India banks on digital wave

14 May,2013

By Ananya Saha


Aditya Swamy

Tata Nano and MTV have announced the second season of ‘Drive With MTV’, which is set to begin from June 1. The pure social streaming show will showcase the journey of four teams travelling in different regions of the country and sharing their experiences. The 21-day road trip would have 84 webisodes, which will also be aired on MTV, in half-hour weekly six episodes. Last year, the show registered 15,000 tweets, a million likes across photos, videos and text updates.



Ekalavya Bhattacharya

Ekalavya Bhattacharya, Head – Digital, MTV India explained, “It is the future of content. MTV is tapping screenagers.” The social show will depend highly on digital platform. Aditya Swamy, EVP and Business Head – MTV India said, “We realised that we have a wide social and digital footprint. 800,000 people follow us on Twitter. Our Facebook reach is almost 16 million people. Drive with MTV has got over 2500 tweets athe day they did the crowd-souring contest. All of this content will be out on social media and on our website on real-time basis.” Last year, Drive with MTV registered 141,000 tweets.


The contestants will be continuously blogging, tagging videos, tweeting live. “It’s a difficult production. Each team has a dedicated production team, and co-ordination from four different locations is challenging. And it has to be done in real-time.” According to Mr Bhattacharya, what will be shot today, will go live tomorrow. Each team will have a dedicated production team to make this possible.


The travel show is being promoted across MTV, website homepage, Twitter hashtags, and mostly promoting the digital show on digital platform. This year, it has also been extended to Pinterest and Instagram to make the show more audience-inclusive.


Is it difficult ot monetize digital show? “Yes,” feels Mr Bhattacharya. He said, “The total number of people who consume advertisements online, is something I am not convinced about completely. On YouTube, the most used button is ‘Skip the Ad’ button, primarily because people know it is advertising. The kind of audience, which we are catering through this show is an evolved audience. If I show them an ad on their smartphone, they are not going to be consuming it. Hence, on digital platform, MTV over the last two years has entered the branded content space. Here, Nano will be a part of every web episode and also on six episodes that go on-air on MTV. Yes, it is difficult to monetise it to an extent since not many people are capitalising on it. We will also have a telecom partner, and two more as sponsors. The main reason why it is difficult is that digital is very ROI-oriented, you can track everything that when you tell people to step out of ROI and think about the brand and content, and engaging the consumer of your fanpage. Webshows are reaching there with title and associate sponsors like a television programme.”


Mr Bhattacharya insisted that since the point of content consumption is not limited to TV anymore, “MTV is launching a web show every month. The videos are 6-7 minutes long since nobody is going to watch 45 minutes of our show on their tablets and smartphones.” To reach the demography, over the last three years, MTV has been capitalising on its digital properties. And not only digital properties, MTV is doing everything to reach to its TG. “We have lot of music shows. But what we are also doing is other kind of content, music, reality, digital. Whatever young people enjoy, we are going to do that. To be able to connect with youth with one single genre of content – those days are gone. They want a multitude of options. We want to surround sound our audience,” concluded Mr Swami.


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