Minions music video Zumi Zumi to end Zoozoo campaign

24 May,2013

By Meghna Sharma


An added attraction of the IPL is the season’s Vodafone campaign featuring the Zoozoos, which have been a hit ever since they first appeared on TV four years ago.


Ogilvy and Mather dishes up something new for Vodafone every year, and this year the agency lived up to its reputation with the ultra-cute Minions. The miniature versions of the Zoozoos quickly became popular, and as the IPL season concludes, the campaign ends with a new twist – a music video.


A music video is a first for the Zoozoo campaign. So why now? “When the campaign started it began with a teaser wherein these Minions were getting ready for ‘something’. They got internet, gossip, jobs etc for the Zoozoos so we thought it would be apt for us to end them with an anthem of their own,” says O&M’s Rajiv Rao.


Like the Zoozoos, will we have to say goodbye to the Minions as well when the IPL season ends? “We don’t know yet. Who knows, maybe after three or six months or maybe only next year will we be able to see them,” Mr Rao says.


Rajiv Rao

And what can we expect from him and his team next year? “Every year, it’s a new challenge and we will see what brief and challenges are thrown at us,” says Mr Rao. He was interrupted by Piyush Pandey who jokingly said, “The future of the campaign is me working as Rajiv’s assistant.”


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