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22 May,2013

I am more bullish about India than I have ever been: Mark Patterson Mehra

Srini (CVL Srinivas) has hit the ground running and we are off to a flying start in terms of energy, change, re-organisation and focus; not that we didn’t have that before, but we have it in a different way now.


Maruti to go idea shopping in Delhi Gangal

Maruti Suzuki is to meet leading agencies (general and digital media) in a week, the report notes.


Industry reacts to ‘death by overwork’ claims after passing of 24-year-old Ogilvy employee,Industry+reacts+to+%27death+by+overwork%27+claims+after+passing+of+24-year-old+Ogilvy+employee.aspx

CampaignAsia/Benjamin Li

There’s some soul-searching post the sudden death of an Ogilvy PR employee and reports that labelled it as the result of overwork, the report highlights.


Rise of the Non-Network Originals Gives TV Nets Cause for Concern

AdAge/Jeanine Poggi

There is some concern amongst established TV networks about streaming platforms like Netflix weaning away viewers (and hence advertising) with some of their original content


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