Links of the Day (17 May)

17 May,2013

IPL scandal puts spotlight back on cricket betting

Mint/Gouri Shah, Vidhi Choudhary & Sahil Makkar

Report carries quotes from a Pepsi spokesperson, as also from Havells, MSM and others.


Sun TV’s net profit grows 12% on strong ad revenue

Mint/S Bridget Leena

The outlook looks positive as the company will raise ad rates by an average 19% for Sun TV from 15 July, notes this report


MSM hikes ad rates for last few nail-biting IPL matches Trivedi

Market experts predict that MSM, the official broadcaster of the tournament, is expected to rake in ad revenues in excess of Rs 800 crore, notes the report


Broadcast Content Complaints Council warns Kids TV channels

From report: “In an advisory to its members the BCCC chairperson justice AP Shah has stated that “while the BCCC wishes to avoid being a censoring agency, it advises all IBF member channels, particularly children’s/cartoon channels, to be more cautious in the selection of the content shown, considering the impressionable minds of their target viewers.The emphasis should be on the “best interest of the child”.”



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