KBC7: Hit or Miss?

24 May,2013

By Meghna Sharma


The registration promos for the seventh season of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) have begun, and Indians from all over the country are queueing up in the hope of hearing the magic words “Aur aap jeet gaye hain!”


The question however is whether KBC this year will be able to garner the same amount of interest amongst its audience and receive ratings on par with previous years’ or will it show signs of the seven-year itch. “It will open below last year’s rating, more close to 4.5 to 5.0 TVR. In any case fragmentation is happening which will cause a drop in viewership. For instance, the IPL may reach more people, but there has been a drop in actual TVRs. Also, there is some amount of boredom that has set in on KBC, which will be the main reason for a drop in viewership,” feels Hariharan Vishwanath, National Trading Director, MEC.


Mohit Joshi

However, others feel that host Amitabh Bachchan’s charisma is enough to draw people to the show, apart from being a format which everyone – young or old, male or female – can relate to.


“This year will be similar too. Amitabh Bachchan is the key reason for these ratings and his charisma will continue this year as well,” says Mohit Joshi, MD, Havas Media.



Neel Kamal Sharma

Agreeing with Mr Joshi, Neel Kamal Sharma, COO – Buying, Madison Group adds, “KBC continues to be the channel driver and I am confident that it will be the channel driver this year as well. The real challenge for channel will be to bring some element of freshness for viewers so that it continues to attract them in an engaging manner.”


Media planners feel that the format captures the viewers’ imagination by letting them be in the contestant’s shoes as they try to answer the questions. It is this that keeps them hooked to the show. And that is the reason for the show’s adaptation in various regional languages, too. After Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam, KBC was recently launched in Marathi as well.


“Regional is the next big national. Let’s draw a parallel regional daily print titles (Tamil, Marathi, etc) have more readers in the regional markets than English (or even Hindi in these markets ) which clearly tell that there is an audience who will watch and they want to see content in their local language. Therefore, KBC does make sense in regional languages,” explains Mr Vishwanath.


On the other hand, Mr Joshi feels that nobody can match AB’s magnetic personality. “The effort is always to get the regional celebrity to host it which is good. “I would say they do moderately well.”


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