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03 May,2013


By Ananya Saha


Intel, which has been getting quite aggressive in the Indian terrain, has been developing many consumer products in computing device and mobile segment. To name a few, Xolo X900 smartphone in association with Lava and Fonebook in association with Asus. Apart from the consumer products, Intel has also initiated its National Digital Literacy Mission that entailed the ‘Go Do Something Wonderful’, ‘My Discoveries’, Digital Literacy Week’ and ‘Follow the Fiber’ campaigns in urban, semi-urban and rural areas.


The ‘Go do something Wonderful’ campaign that has been playing up on the ATL level claims to have had more than 65 crore impressions online and is spanned across seven languages to drive technology adaptation in rural, semi-urban and urban areas.


On the BTL level, Intel launched ‘My Discoveries’ campaign targeting college youth, IT Hubs, Corporate parks to demonstrate the interaction between multiple technology experiences in a connected world. The My Discoveries campaign boasts of being ab experiential marketing at a BTL level, the touch and feel factor is showcased in a way where the students not only get the feel of the product and the technology but also enhance the skill-set using the product. More than 30 lakh youth have been engaged though this campaign


While in conversation with MxMIndia, Sandeep Aurora, Director of Marketing and Market Development, Intel South Asia, prefers not to divulge financial details, but he does reveal the plans for Indian market.


Sandeep Aurora

How is the Indian market growing for Intel?

InIndia, personal computing device penetration is a mere 10% which means there is huge growth potential that the country offers. Intel is committed to driving the growth forward by showcasing the magic of a personal computing device and driving greater relevance. In today’s multi-device connected world, Intel enables consumers to explore their creativity, enhance their productivity and indulge in a world of digitally powered entertainment. The aim is enhancing affinity and excitement for the personal computing device as an enabler of amazing possibilities in their everyday lives.


Intel recently launched My Discoveries campaign. What was the thought behind it?

Indiais a growing market; consumers are adapting to new products and fast moving towards brands which enable them to better their lifestyle, connectivity and productivity. It is important that our consumers experience the possibilities that the brand brings alive for them and how this impacts their future in a real time scenario focusing on making people realize what they are capable of doing.


The My Discoveries program spanned across two quarters was hugely successful reaching over three million youth across India with the message of personal computing device relevancy and usage in a highly contextual, relevant, personal and engaging manner The approach of a personalized experience for the consumer has worked well, it’s amazing to be able to actually create an original sound track, a photo or video montage and carry it back with you.


My Discoveries extended beyond BTL.

On ground activations under the ‘Go do something wonderful’ campaign, which we call ‘My discoveries’, targets people in campuses, i-cafes, malls and other places. The campaign reached out to the audience at multiple touch points including campuses, corporates, BPO’s, Internet cafes, malls and retail with its unique experience. The engagement extended itself to digital and social enabling audiences to experience the My Discoveries on a virtual platform while sharing their wonderful experiences online. Pulp Strategy was the agency responsible for the execution of the campaign.


Does the campaign mark Intel’s marketing shift?

In the recent past, Intel made a critical & fundamental shift in communication. A leap from “what we make” to “what we make possible”. The objective of this campaign was to build a deeper, enduring emotional bond between Intel & the end-user while creating an increased preference for the Intel Powered PC in the minds of our target audiences. The premise of our campaign was that even though devices like cameras, smartphones, and MP3 players are handy and generate excitement, their potential is limited without a personal computing device. The personal computing device is the central hub to a connected device world.


The campaign plays on the sentiment that “Tabs, phones, cameras are an expression of me, but my personal computing device is me and it’s where I do wonderful things”. Intel enables consumers to explore their creativity, enhance their productivity and indulge in a world of digitally powered entertainment. We wanted to showcase these possibilities by creating inspiring and compelling experiences which drew out the relevance of owning a PC in a connected world. The focus was also on offerings hands on experience of the power of a processor, while making the experience delightfully personal “what an Intel Powered PC can “do for me”.


What was the brief that was given to Pulp Strategy for this campaign?

We briefed several vendors during the RFP process about this concept but Pulp Strategy, the agency chosen for this campaign came back with the best response to our brief and through extensive mutual collaboration we fine-tuned the brief and the deliverables in a way that would deliver the best impact for consumers to explain the relevance of a personal computing device by offering a delightful, engaging and personal hands-on experience.


Has Intel’s strategy in the Indian market changed over the years? Does this change reflect in your marketing and advertising in this market?

In the process of brand evolution, marketing plays an important role. For a 40-year-old company, whose first marketing campaign was focused at projecting how things have changed and advanced; Intel has evolved in its marketing strategy with the various products that it has launched over time, learning at each step. We have moved on from what Intel is and what it can do to make people realize what they are capable of doing. Campaigns like My Discoveries, and Go Do something Wonderful is a step in the direction of making consumers realize the possibilities that owning and using a PC opens up for them.


India remains a complex market. What will be your strategy for the Indian market, going forward?

Our research has revealed that one of the main reasons for consumers to not buy a personal computing device immediately is the lack of relevance for it in their minds. But we believe that as the awareness about technology coupled with digital literacy increase in the country, more and more of the hitherto untapped individuals would realize the importance of owning a PC and the sales would pick up. Keeping this in mind, Intel will continue to focus on India’s personal computing device market which is growing at a rapid pace. Also growth of the personal computing market inIndiais inevitable given the low rate of domestic technology adoption in the country.


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