Debrief: Mirinda: Needs more madness!

02 May,2013

By Anil Thakraney


Am all for pagalpanti. In advertising as well as in real life. We need loads of it, this nation is too damn serious. Which is why I like Mirinda’s tagline: Pagalpanti zaroori hai. And Asin isn’t a bad choice for such a promise, she did a wonderful job with all her pagalpanti in the Aamir Khan flick, Ghajini. It’s another matter of course that the pretty Mallu actress’s career never took off in Bollywood, and I guess that’s only because she doesn’t come from the Bolly ‘family’, but I digress.


It’s a series of nonsense ads. The premise is: ‘Mirinda andar jaati hai aur pagalpanti bahar aati hai’. Slightly erotic, but that’s my dirty mind at work. So in one ad, a girl walks through a security check gate, but a different girl emerges. All thanks to Mirinda. Don’t even try to rationalise this one, it’s pagalpanti after all.


Well, madness is in order for cold drink advertising, so that’s cool. Though I wonder how many viewers would be able to recall the brand name, but that’s for the advertiser to check. And I say that because this sort of stuff can work for just about any fun product. A suggestion for the creative team: Guys, raise the pagalpanti level, make it crazier. Madder the treatment, better would be the brand recall. Now that you’ve chosen the wacko route, go all out, don’t stop at silly, childish pranks.


Also, Asin looks lovely in the ads. It’s a pity her Bollywood career never took off, and here I go again with the unrelated stuff!


Rating: (On a scale of 1-5): 2.5. Good fun. Brand recall needs to be sussed.


Anil Thakraney is a senior journalist and commentator. He is also Editor-at-Large, MxMIndia. The views of the writer are his own.




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