Anil Thakraney: The Kar Natak elections

10 May,2013

By Anil Thakraney


I have absolutely no stake in the Karnataka assembly elections. Since I feel the same way about the Maharashtra elections, a state I belong to, you can well imagine my interest in what happens in the politics of other areas. That’s because nothing ever changes, one fraudster gets replaced by another. However, as things turned out, I was bedridden on Wednesday, and with nothing else happening, I spent all day with Arnab, Prannoy and Rajdeep. My temperature went up a few points, but that’s not the fault of these gentlemen, I do feel feverish each time I see Yeddy’s pretty face. Anyway, here’s my brief analysis of the election analysis.


Prannoy Roy was his usual excited self, the man loves dissecting Indian elections. Serious, analytical, deep… all that we have come to expect from him. As I watched Roy in action, I realized his absence from regular news programmes is a huge loss. He is unarguably India’s best news channel personality, and one would like to see more of him. I still vividly recall how Roy gave the Chairman of Cadbury India a very hard time when worms were found slithering inside the chocs. (This was about ten years ago.) NDTV’s boss didn’t seem to care he was pissing off a huge advertiser. Hope to watch Roy anchor the 9pm news, at least few times a month.


I don’t like it at all when Arnab stands up, it makes him look like a slimy government babu. He doesn’t possess a body that works in the erect pose. Arnab must always remain seated for best results, he looks far more authoritative that way. That apart, Times Now did the predictable number. Lots of shouting and heckling, and the busy screen bursting with all sorts of numbers.


Rajdeep did the best job on this occasion. He was incisive and energetic. And missed no opportunity to bring in some humour to the proceedings. This is very important for viewers from the rest of India, people not really excited about the Karnataka politics. I must also add here that CNN IBN does the best job with info graphics. Clean, clear, uncluttered, simple layouts. The credit for this must go to Rajdeep. A techie pal, who once worked with the man (at NDTV), told me Rajdeep gets totally involved with the packaging. It shows.




PS: Haha. My photographer pals will love these posters. Satirical, these messages carry exactly what photographers have to say to us when we envy them for their ‘cool’, ‘easy’, ‘sexy’ job.




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