Anil Thakraney: Introducing! Ghotala TV!

08 May,2013

By Anil Thakraney


I have a deadly idea, and through this blog post, am attempting to reach out to venture capitalists or angel investors or whatever the moneybags are called these days. I want to launch a brand new news channel, but with a difference (hatke, as my Bollywood pals would boast). The channel, which I wish to call Ghotala 24X7 (Gee TV, for short), will be dedicated to scam related stories from India.


With a scam happening every other day in this glorious nation, I really think the time has come for such a speciality channel. Here’s my content plan:

Scam newsbreaks and heated TV debates thereof, every single evening.


Reporters from across the nation getting members of the junta involved in the discussions.


Special features which will dissect the anatomy of each scam, in order to make it easy to understand for the aam viewer.


Regular sting operations on chronic fraudsters. And potential thieves (that’s most netas and babus, it’s a huge market).


Special discussions with business leaders on each scam and its impact on the economy. (Their active involvement in the programming is anyway useful for ad revenue generation.)


Noon TV debates will deal with broader issues like why India has become such a corrupt nation. These can be philosophical in nature, as the tired housewives are likely to watch at this hour.


For the morning slot, which would cater to the senior citizens, religious leaders will be called to perform yagnas and conduct aartis to make this nation scam free. These sadhus will also enlighten us on whether people born in certain sun signs are likely to be more corrupt, etc.


And the marketing staff will package each scam for sponsorship rights. For example: ‘This part of the Railway scam is brought to you by Rupa underwear: Yeh andar ki baat hai.’ And so on.


Well, you get the picture. Call me if you wish to finance Ghotala TV. I am very serious about this project. If a channel can be dedicated to music, movies, food, animals, leisure, fashion, etc, why not scams? After all, cheating is an intrinsic part of the great Indian culture.


PS: I would be glad to have you as the principal investor even if you have scammed the funds. That would be in the fitness of things.




PS1: An anti domestic violence ad from Saudi Arabia, a nation not really known for respecting and honouring its women. Good to see such an effort from that country, and it’s a good ad too. The caption in the ad: Some things can’t be covered.



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