Anil Thakraney: Dutt teri ki!

20 May,2013

By Anil Thakraney


Just when you thought the Sanjay Dutt media circus is done and dusted, that he will now be left alone to atone for his sins, the madness rages on. And it’s back to…. yes… ‘Sensational’ news of food arriving from home for the criminal star, and his displeasure with the choice of the cell allotted to him. We already have full details of the ‘perks’ allowed to the macho man inside the prison: Mosquito repellent creams, soft pillows, toilet rolls, etc, etc. Line diagrams of the Arthur Road Jail are being published once again. Soon, ditto will happen with the Yerawada Jail. Is this going to continue right till the time Dutt is inside prison? I fear it will.


Guys and gals, please leave him alone, treat him like just another convict serving out his sentence. The Indian media has to grow out of this insane celebrity obsession, at least when it comes to crime. And we must remember that special attention to one criminal is not fair to the rest of the prisoners. I am quite certain the other convicts, after reading about or watching all the fuss over Dutt, will start demanding mosquito lotions and home-cooked biryani. Perhaps a Jacuzzi too. The jail is a tough place to survive; it’s supposed to be that way, it’s not a holiday resort. The whole idea is ‘punishment for crimes committed’, and that’s the way it should be. In any case our hero will be out sooner than expected (there are enough powerful people holding the candle for him), so kindly leave the dude to his elements for now. If for nothing else, please respect the feelings of the survivors of the 1993 blasts. Some of whom don’t even have a leg left to apply mosquito cream on. Let them feel at least some justice has been done, and that Dutt is being treated like an ordinary criminal. This is important.


On another note, the IPL scandal continues to rock and roll, as the Mumbai cops try hard to go one up on their Delhi counterparts. But the crowds continue to surge into the stadia regardless. And that’s because people want entertainment, they don’t care if the masala being dished out is real or scripted. On the first day of the fixing news break, some over-enthusiastic young journos went on air with the ‘news’ that huge sums of cash were found in the rooms of bowler Shaun Tait and a few other players. Should the channels concerned not issue an open public apology to these guys? They should, if these channels wish to retain at least a modicum of credibility.




PS: Life and times of apna ad agency folks, all captured through graphics and illustrations. Very accurate and quite funny. Enjoy!




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