AdStrat: Danone: Getting the good in

20 May,2013

Jochen Ebert, General Manager, Danone Food & Beverages India Pvt Ltd.


Name of the campaign/ad: Only Good Gets In


The Brief: With the positioning of having the best and most natural ingredients, the campaign has been designed to play on the ingredients story, and to complement that a very important part of the brief was to make the packs hero of the creative. The key challenge was to portray the “natural” qualities of the product and the highest quality maintained from the actual production to the actual consumption of the product.


Research insights: A very important insight that came out of research was that consumers believe that packaged dahi contains preservatives and additives to make it last longer than homemade dahi. This, along with the growing trend of healthier and natural products finding place in consumption habits of the target audience. Thus an amalgamation of these insights was the positioning of “Only good gets in”.


The thought process behind the creative: As the products are the hero of the creatives/ads, it was essential to convey that the products are the best available in the market by being made out of only natural Ingredients and nothing else. The whole thought process was to string together the story of ingredients and the actual experience of consuming the products.


Media vehicles chosen: TV, Outdoor advertising in Mumbai and in-cinema advertising in Delhi.


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad: The key insight of the consumer’s perception of the presence of additives and preservatives in dahi/yoghurts had to be allayed, thus it was essential that the communication of “No preservative”, “No additives” and “Only good gets in” was communicated in a simple and very clear way.


Agency comment: Illuminations Productions, which produced and directed the series, said, “Danone all this while was one of the most international brands with a huge presence in Europe and America, now for the first time entering India in a big way. So it was exciting to be part of such a huge global brand and we knew we have to live up to the international standards of their commercials. We had to keep not only the quality of live action of the films high but also the quality of the CG integration of the films. One of the main challenges was that how all the films, though different in concept and approach, can have a unified feel of the Danone campaign.”


As told to Meghna Sharma


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