AdStrat: Bajaj: Cooling with comfort

13 May,2013

Name of the campaign/ad: Ek dum solid cooling


The Brief: The brief was to communicate the “Ultimate cooling comfort in summers through Bajaj Cooling.”


Research insights: The Latest range of Bajaj coolers provides enhanced air throw, thus cooling everyone in the farthest corners of the room.


The thought process behind the creative: Enhanced cooling was communicated by showing the most hardworking individual enjoying his work, thanks to the comfort provided by Bajaj Coolest.


Media vehicles chosen: TV, Digital, Print.


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad: Communication has to drive the message clearly “Ultimate cooling comfort in summers through Bajaj Coolest”


What is the differentiating factor about the ad? While most of the competition push powerful cooling, Bajaj has decided to concentrate on ‘comfort’ which is the final payoff from cooling in summers.


Agency comment: Kapil Sawant, ECD, Leo Burnett said, “With summers around the corner, the objective of the communication was to highlight the product reality that Bajaj coolers cool everyone and every corner of the house. Thus bringing to life the idea, sab ko aaram milega. The creative rendition translates this by showing those who make others feel comfortable like a masseur, himself enjoying the cooling of Bajaj Coolers. Thereby also underlining the brand promise, Ek dum solid cooling.”


Client comment: Beena Koshy, Sr. GM and Head Brand Development, Bajaj said, “In a lighthearted and simple manner we have tried to bring out the biggest need experienced in summers, the need to feel comfortable. And what could be more convincing than showing a person that is expected to provide comfort, the masseur, to experience it himself. This communication is therefore in sync with what Bajaj Coolest stands for.”


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