1 Minute View: Welcome, the TAM Transparency Panel

14 May,2013

One can’t help but exclaim that the setting up the elite panel of ombudsmen was such a no-brainer that one wonders why no one thought of it before.


TAM, one learns, has been mulling it for around two to three years. But what about the gods of advertising, marketing and broadcasting? And the folks at AAAI, ISA and the IBF+NBA?


However, this ‘1 Minute View’ is not about putting others down. A lot needed to be done, and it wasn’t. MxMIndia believes that much lopsided planning has happened in Indian broadcasting. Part of the problem is the lack of a vision that things will really leapfrog. One of course couldn’t have imagined a thousand channels in existence some 20 years back. The distribution sector is in a mess, ‘coz there was no order set in the beginning. Ditto with putting systems in place for measurement.


An independent watchdog should have happened from Day 1. The joint industry stakeholders apparently didn’t have too much time to do that. And now that TAM has taken the lead, it’s got to be supported. Yes, there’s a BARC that’s been set up. The technical committee has been in place with Shashi Sinha at the helm. Partho Dasgupta is on board as CEO.


Still, the TAM Transparency Panel will have a role. When the BARC-administered measurement process is in operations, it will turn the owner of all measurement data. And, one is sure there will be people asking questions even then. The panel can then just reorient itself to the new regime.


A word on the six-member panel. Getting Dr M Damodaran to head it is a brilliant idea. Impeccable reputation, and if he could handle the sharks as SEBI chief, this should be smooth sailing. One is certain even the folks at the I&B ministry would be happy with the choice.


As for the others: Chintamani Rao and Praveen Tripathi are both masters in their domains. We don’t know much about the international panelists, but their credentials are super.


Do we appear to be gushing much about the TTP? Yes, we are. And with reason.


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