1 Minute View: TRAI bullies broadcasters into toeing the ad duration diktat

28 May,2013

We know we are in a minority on the issue, but it appears that broadcasters have had to finally give in to telecom and broadcast policy regulator TRAI.


There is no doubting that too many ads are a turn-off for viewers. As are the countless scrollers. However, policing broadcasters on the issue is pointless as the TRAI must let the channelwallahs to shape their own fate.


Meanwhile, since the TRAI’s threat of dire consequences has forced the erring channels to toe the line, albeit in phased-manner, it will be interesting to see how the economics work. For broadcasters given lower inventory and for advertisers who will need to pay more and me.


The winner of course is the consumer, but did we hear some say that some of the TVCs are more interesting than the shows? Wink, wink.


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