1 Minute View: Time for all media to celebrate TOI’s 175 years

03 May,2013

Why devote so much editorial space for the Times of India 175 years’ celebrations when just a few days back we were so aggressive about Medianet? This is part of a mail we received yesterday after our Big Story based on an interview with BCCL Exec Prez Rahul Kansal.


Yes, we  don’t like Medianet… in fact we don’t like all forms of cash-for-content. Times has elevated it as a brand, many others are doing it on the side.


However, we must say that other than this practice, the Times of India has transformed itself much in the last 25 years… first as a business enterprise and in the last decade and in the last decade or so as a wholesome and robust editorial product.


Hmmm, product. It may have sounded bizarre to call a newspaper that some 15 years back, but not so now. Initially, it appeared that the new dispensation at BCCL had utter disdain for journalists and wanted to rid it of all that one associated with the paper from the days of Sham Lal and Girilal Jain. Guess soon enough the brand managers realized that it was foolhardy to devalue the brand by compromising on editorial content.


The completion of 175 years is a milestone that the entire industry must be proud of. Unfortunately, there is a fair deal of mistrust and rivalry between newspaper companies, so we may well not have all newspaper-owners celebrating the occasion.


At MxMIndia, we think it’s a momentous occasion. And, while we reiterate that Medianet is a regressive practice, the completion of the 175 years must be celebrated and chronicled.


Jai ho!


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