1 Minute View: The TRAI chairman thinks the media has had a f***ing free-for-all

16 May,2013

The Hoot editor Sevanti Ninan’s column in today’s Mint makes for interesting reading (May 16). It talks of TRAI chairman Rohit Khullar, his views on the media and what he plans to do to those who don’t adhere to the TRAI’s regulations.


Sample this quote from Mr Khullar: “I don’t have to win a f***ing election. I am a regulator, I am answerable to Parliament, my job is to enforce the law. Once the regulation is issued, it is law. The telecom guys know this. The broadcasting guys are learning it late.”


Note the asterisks are inserted by us, the quote, as published on the newspaper’s website, has the entire ‘f’ word. The TRAI chairman, Ms Ninan writes, is “short, feisty and bursting with expletives to describe the scenario that has been permitted to take hold here”.


Ms Ninan says Mr Khullar believes the media has gone unregulated for far too long.


Now, if TRAI really gets tough on the media, there will be a bloodbath. To start with, the ad duration regulation. All those who aren’t adhering to it, can get severely reprimanded and even lose their licence. The message that we get from the Mint article on Mr Khullar: F*** around with TRAI regulations and get f***ed.


From what he tells Ms Ninan, there’s going to some tough policies on cross-ownership too.


If Mr Khullar and his predecessors were able to be stringent with telecom players, the going will not be that easy with media biggies. It won’t be simple to get some of the big players to exit established interests in other media domains and/or entities.


Needess to say, it will be interesting to see who f***s whom. Ufff. Enough of swearing 🙂


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