1 Minute View: No screwing it up, puhleez!

21 May,2013

So Yahoo! promises not to screw up Tumblr’s case. And, note, this isn’t an off-the-cuff remark by a high- or low-ranking official, but on record, on the official press release of Yahoo! stating its intent to acquire Tumblr and the agreement of both firms to go ahead with it.


It’s nice to see use of the language we use every day. So will we soon see the use of the F-word in a communiqué? Well, if the TRAI chairman can use it in an interview to a columnist with a leading Indian business daily, one should perhaps not be too surprised if we actually see the F-word in black-and-white.


But this ‘1 Minute View’ is not trying to hijack what our Deputy Editor Vidya Heble writes in her popular column ‘Speaking of Which’.


It’s about what Yahoo! declared: that it will not screw it (Tumblr) up.


The biggest fear amongst tech-watchers, Yahoo-baiters and Tumblr-lovers has been whether Tumblr will retain its energy post the acquisition? Yahoo! guarantees it will, detailing how the buy will be a win-win for both.


The problem with large companies is their inability to think small. Yahoo! has been a huge success of the 1990s. But in 2013, successful media companies require a different kind of DNA. Even a Facebook started facing tough waters after it started growing bit. Twitter too has to think of the future now that it’s the most happening blogging platform.


So will Yahoo! let Tumblr be? And will Tumblr be as nimble and fun as it would be without all the dosh?


Apart from us, there’s one more person who’s going to be watching all of this very closely: Big B Amitabh Bachchan. The megastar moved his blog from Big Adda to Tumblr in July last year. But, of course, more than the posts on his blog, it’s his tweets that create more of a flutter in recent times.


Back to Yahoo and Tumblr: let’s hope there are no screw-ups.


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