1 Minute View: Is our media ready to tackle sexual harassment complaints?

22 May,2013

There aren’t too many folks willing to go on record, but given what we keep hearing from the grapevine, there are several cases of sexual harassment that exist even in our media.


Unfortunately, many of those affected by it do not like to complain to their managements. Although it is mandatory for organizations to do so, most do not have employee constituted committees to act upon these complaints in the workplace.


What we have hence is an industry segment where cases are brushed under the carpet or simply ignored by the aggrieved.


Although there are several other stories that hogged the headlines this morning, the media attention to the Phaneesh Murthy case should embolden the aggrieved to fight it out and teach the guilty a lesson.


Our advice to all organisations – especially those in the media, is to constitute committees dealing with sexual harassment cases. This should be communicated to all employees at least two or three times in a year, by way of an email and on the notice boards of all offices.


In a world where social media rules, organizations need to be aware that if they don’t build an environment for such complaints to be reported, the aggrieved could also post these messages on social media platforms and cause irreparable damage to their reputations.


MxMIndia would be happy to help in the setting up of these if any organizations need assistance in the task.  Email us at editor@mxmindia.com and we’ll get back soonest.


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