1 Minute View: Important to have top talent for social

10 May,2013

The Ernst & Young study titled ‘Social Media Marketing – India Trends Study 2013’ comes at a good time as organizations starting their financial year in April are looking at allocating spends on the social media.


As Dinesh Mishra of the consulting firm states, “Organizations have realized that social media generates great insights and helps engaging with customers on a continuous basis, and in some cases also generates sales and leads… The huge growth and demand of internet connected devices in India is only going to further strengthen the influence and power of social media in customer engagement, and organizations may well look at meeting their strategic goals and business needs through this channel in future.”


But for social media to take a quantum leap and get better accepted by industry, there is a great need for quality talent to  strategise and execute… whether the people doing it are inhouse or are from an external agency.


As high as 76.7% of organizations have their marketing department handling social media with the rest being handled by a cross-functional or PR/communications team. For social media campaigns, 73.8% organizations have chosen standalone digital agencies as compared to PR/ advertising agencies and freelancers


Delegating social media strategies to the lowest common denominator will not work, and it’s vital for marketers to realize the important role that social media can play for their brands.


And if for this even the biggies in the business – CMOs, et al – need to refresh themselves on how social media can work wonders for them, so be it.


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