1 Minute View: Can we rush on internet infrastructure?

13 May,2013

We know the government is aware of the importance, but it’s critical that everyone exerts pressure. At least two visiting digital mavens – Google’s Nelson Mattos and GroupM’s Rob Norman – have underscored the need for quality infrastructure, and the fact that unless our internet infrastructure improves, we will not be able to make the best use of the technological advancements.


Even if one were to say that stuff like Google Glass are a luxury and we don’t really need it, the fact of the matter is that the way technology is moving, a Google Glass may well be a must-have (or at least a good-to-have) by next year.


India is fortunate that we didn’t have international automobile or investors cribbing to the media about the need for good roads or general infrastructure (bijli, roti, pani, makaan and health) in the days of yore.  Though one can be sure that improper infrastructure (and some awful economic planning) were among the causes why not all the big multinationals made it to the country.


We are aware that the government is seized of the problem. Private players are also working on it. But speed is of the essence.


Until then, let’s not expect too many fireworks on the technology front. Yes, a Samsung S4 and iPhone 5 may launch and get their patrons. But even these smartphones can work several times faster if broadband speeds were of international standard.


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