1 Minute View: Can we have Portfolio Night-like events for all of M&E?

23 May,2013

What according to us was the take-out from the Portfolio Night 11 held in Mumbai (and Delhi) on Wednesday? Good food, drinks, nicely organized, great to see all the creative gurus under one roof, etc etc?


All that’s a given, what we would like to underscore and it’s a sentiment we express after every Portfolio Night is the fantastic service that the big boys do for the younger talent. The event is like a speed-dating platform for the ‘best of the present’ to meet the ‘best of the years to come’.


We believe that all other segments in Media & Entertainment must also have their own version of Portfolio Nights. The media agency folks, the account management guys, PR practitioners, journalists, television and radio folk, filmwallahs… every part of M&E.


Imagine journalists doing their own version of Portfolio Night… may not happen on a single evening, but over a few days. Ditto with media agency professionals. Or radio programmers. Marketers… the list is endless.


Someone out there thought of the Portfolio Night idea. Perhaps there exist similar efforts elsewhere. But the seniors in the businesses need to dream up similarly winning ideas.


That’s the only way in which we will ensure that there is a great future for our businesses.


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