1 Minute View: As you sow, so shall you reap

08 May,2013

There is no denying that we must fight with all our might any and every attempt by the government to meddle in matters of the media. Our law-makers and enforcers have allowed for a free press and it’s critical that we do not allow any reason for the government to rule our lives.


Unfortunately, that’s not the case. And we aren’t talking of bad apples or stray excesses and errors. Let’s face it there exist several cases of paid content on print and news television.


So, much as one doesn’t like to be told of the mistakes our fraternity has been making, we have to regretfully admit that the Parliamentary Committee observations aren’t incorrect.


We’ve read the reactions of some industry folk on the Committee’s report and are surprised when the buck is passed on to the ratings mechanism.


There is no such pressure of ratings on newspapers, then why do they still patronize the cash-for-content practice?


There are bigger, better brains at work in the news media. Our only plea to them is that if they don’t introspect and cleanse their act, the government will see reason to intervene.


Then even those of us who are against government restrictions and regulations will be forced to say: As you sow, so shall you reap.


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