‘Superjury’ to decide on Creative Abby complaints

15 Apr,2013

By A Correspondent


The Goafest 2013 Awards Governing Council (AGC) has decided that all the complaints received against some Creative Abby award-winners will now be taken up by a ‘superjury’ comprising the chairpersons of the Creative Abby award categories.


It is learnt that not everyone among certain agencies was happy with the way complaints filed against their award-winning creatives were being handled. They were upset that some junior members of the fraternity were ruling against their work for close resemblance to some other internationally produced creatives (read: plagiarism).


According to Shashi Sinha, chairperson of the AGC, the meeting will be held within three to four days… as soon as it is possible to get all the ‘superjury’ members.at for its Grand Prix winning ad. The decision to have chairpersons of the various creative juries will, it is hoped, ensure that erase all charges of favouritism and juniors taking critical decisions.

It may be noted that the superjury will not take up complaints or issues of the procedural kind (like the one impacting Leo Burnett), but those which concern the creative process, specifically the charges of plagiarism.


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