Reviewing the Reviews: Aashiqui 2

29 Apr,2013

Aashiqui 2

Key Cast: Aditya Roy Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor

Directed By: Mohit Suri

Written By: Shagufta Rafiqui

Produced By: Bhushan Kumar, Mukesh Bhatt, Krishan Kumar


Mahesh Bhatt’s 1990 film Aashiqui was a hit mainly because of its music. But when Aashiqui 2 comes out 23 years later, there is a feeling of nostalgia among so many critics. And the sense that the new film does not measure up to the original. Even if it did, it would still be loud, melodramatic and outdated.


Most reviewers settled for 2.5 stars, except for a bunch of RJs who, for some reason, have raved about it.


Surprisingly, so many named Abhimaan and Rockstar as ‘inspirations’ but hardly anyone picked the real one, A Star is Born!


Shubhra Gupta of Indian Express wrote, “Aashiqui number 2 has similarities with the first: the Bhatts are co-producers along with Bhushan Kumar (son of the slain T series magnate Gulshan, who was responsible for the phenomenal success of the original’s music, still bouncing about in playlists). Music leads from the front again. But this time around, it is not as distinctive, and that’s because the Bhatts may have become victims of their own created template of sufi-soft-pop-cum-rock. No single song of the new Aashiqui leaps out at you. And this, along with a story that starts with some lift and then dips makes the new film a messy meander.”


Karan Anshuman of Mumbai Mirror found some merit in it, but commented, “It’s a pity that a few weak moments of stupidity preempt in sacrifice for quality drama. That and the fact that they seem to be living on separate continents while the makers pass it off as one city. Pepper the scenes with some poor dialogue and what should’ve be a satisfying, sentimental date film turns out less than what you’d have hoped for.”


Anupama Chopra of the Hindustan Times was disappointed too. “The film, however, never becomes more than the sum of its parts. Aashiqui 2 falls into that lukewarm category of ‘I didn’t mind it,’ which is not the same as ‘I liked it.’ It could have been so much more.”


Sanjukta Sharma of The Mint was scathing. “Shagufta Rafique‘s script and dialogues are dead from the word go. Some of the most insufferable moments are about how heinous alcohol is – the writer even suggests hitting the gym and ‘following a diet’ are the best panacea for alcoholism. Odd platitudes like that fill the script.”


The Times of India’s Madhureeta Mukherjee gave it 3.5 stars, but didn’t sound too enthused. “Suri’s musical love story doesn’t bear much semblance to the original Aashiqui; instead it finds its own rhythm. He pitches the story with old-world romance, high-drama and well-crafted heart-breaking moments. Aarohi’s character is endearing and Rahul stays ‘bottled’ (like ‘Devdas’ with a cause), with sudden outbursts. The story slows down in parts and the climax might seem unreal to many, but maybe a ‘fix’ for die-hard aashiqs.”


Upperstall’s Mr Care nailed it: “Besides being one of the most slipshod, inarticulate, and senseless films in recent memory,Aashiqui 2 is also nothing like the film of which it is touted as a sequel to. A mashup of Rockstar and Abhimaan, it tries embarrassingly to achieve the intensity of the former and the tenderness of the latter. It fails on both counts and more, and begs the question of what was the point of the whole film.”


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