One Big Idea by Vivek Lakhwara: Ascertaining visibility and reach to OOH is critical

05 Apr,2013

By Vivek Lakhwara, Sr. Vice President, Laqshya Media Pvt. Ltd


My take on the one big idea in OOH is its Measurability.


In spite of being the oldest media, it lacks in offering measurability, as yet, in our country.


So, what does it mean? Media is planned based upon the reach and impact of a certain media amongst its target group. Before money is allocated to various media the percentage of target group it would reach is known. Therefore, a calculated call is taken with regards to the inclusion of a media and the extent to which it is taken. It is also known how quickly the build-up to that reach would happen. This helps in better allocation of budget. It also helps in determining the right price of a media vehicle. Even if the price is not up to a decimal, it does offer base figures. Then of course, depending upon the demand and supply of inventory pricing happens.


In case of OOH, while it is quite established that it creates great impact and buzz, it doesn’t quantify its audience. This leaves a huge question mark in professional planning. Also, stretches most frequented by stakeholders tend to generate more demand and lead to overpricing. At the same time other equally good units could generate less enthusiasm and therefore less price.


As a starting point we ought to know who are the people passing by on the streets of our towns and cities. We need to understand the traffic flow. This is readily available in many countries through the traffic department. But, it is not yet available to the OOH industry in our country. So, we need to make an attempt to understand the people and traffic passing by through the various stretches of our towns and cities.


This then needs to be categorized according to the quality of traffic passing by. So, we could categorize people depending upon their demography. This would give us a fair idea about the kind of people passing by and therefore probability of them viewing a OOH unit.


Once, we know the demography of people passing by, we could engage ourselves in another exercise of ascertaining the likelihood of a OOH unit being seen by the people passing by. This can be done by indexing the units based on certain parameters which impact the probability of a unit being seen.


The number of people of a certain demography, passing by, multiplied by the probability of viewing a unit, would give us the viewership of a unit for a certain demography.


Such an exercise would put OOH on the same pedestal as other media in terms of ascertaining its visibility and therefore reach. It would also mean evenly distributed media could emerge resulting in pricing according to the audience delivery.


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