One Big Idea by Tuhina Anand: Find and nurture the right talent

25 Apr,2013

By Tuhina Anand


The media and advertising sector needs a major shake-up to bring back their shine. This can only happen if the industry is able to attract the right kind of talent and most importantly is able to nurture its existing talent. The industry is made by its people and if you have best of talent it will reflect on the work that the industry will produce. Most importantly it’s not just enough to attract that talent but also being able to retain and nurture the talent so that there is constant motivation and encouragement to continue doing the good work.


The industry needs to look beyond the predictable places from where they usually get talent. There is a need to come out of the boxes they have created for themselves within which they try to fit in a person’s skill and qualifications and if that doesn’t happen it doesn’t work. But that should not be the case. Instead, scout for talent at the most unlikely places and then nurture them to become the future leaders. The idea being that the industry needs to give up their biases when zeroing in on a talent and they will be amazed with the quality of people that might emerge from their unconventional approach.


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