One Big Idea by Suranjana Ghosh: Digitization opens doors to a whole new world of TV

03 Apr,2013

By Suranjana Ghosh, Marketing Head, CNBC-TV18


The Indian broadcasting industry is poised at the brink of the next big game-changer. With digitization, we are at the threshold of the new wave, which will reset the existing rules and patterns.


Digitization and the mandatory rollout of digital signal for cable operators in the four metros is a long overdue, and a welcome move for the Indian broadcasting industry and for all stakeholders involved: Broadcasters, distributors and viewers. It is a step towards bringing the industry on par with the global broadcasting standards.


Digitization will presumably allow and make way for greater addressability for both broadcasters as well as distributors.


Viewers will get a superior, enhanced viewing experience now. Digitization will make the medium more democratic, empowering the viewer with greater access to the channel of his or her choice. This makes it incumbent on broadcasters to focus more sharply on their content offering, to make it attractive and compelling to its viewers. This enhanced value will ensure audience retention and loyalty.


The revenue model for broadcasters may also see a shift from being governed largely by advertising. Subscription revenues are now likely to start contributing more to the revenue line.


Lastly, digitization will enable advertisers to make more targeted television spends, given that the audience will now be more clearly segmented by the choice of content that they subscribe to.


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