One Big Idea by Sujit Kote: Waking up to Social Media

12 Apr,2013

By Sujit Kote, GM, Hansa Events and Activation


The one big idea that could be a game changer for the Events industry is ‘Intellectual Property’. IP offers unique entertainment to the audiences and gets like-minded brands together. Consumers were always exposed to international entertainment through the Internet, but through Youtube and Social Media the awareness is much more now. Regular Bollywood song and dance alone does not excite consumers any more. International formats and new format IPs are slowly but surely making their way into India. These IPs will be driven by a single, large brand or multiple brands with similar ideologies coming together. The success of the marathon for the last few years is a testament to the fact that IPs are here to stay. New age music festivals have already begun to spring up across the country. Event-management companies and production houses are making rounds of festivals to buy India property rights for various international IPs. In the next few years, India will see a huge rise in the number of IPs across the country.


Also, the one big idea that could be a game changer for the events and activation industry is the integration of social media. Very few players have actually realised and used the potential of social media. Today, the success of a campaign is being judged based on the active response for the event or activation. But by use of social media, the event/activation campaign reaches out to a larger audience or attracts a larger audience to the event. An event or activation is no longer restricted to the venue where the activity is taking place. The event is now being broadcasted live on Facebook, tweeted across social media, uploaded on various social media sites for consumers to experience at will. Very soon, the success of an activation campaign would be measured based on the responses on social media alone.  The integration of social media with events and activation would see a difference in the way pre-promotions would be done while maintaining sustainability of activity and measurement of final results.


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