One Big Idea by Shruti Pushkarna: Video needs a perception change

26 Apr,2013

By Shruti Pushkarna


When I was asked to write this piece, I was totally blank. We keep complaining about the industry and how things are but when confronted with the question, “What’s my one big idea for the media sector?” I couldn’t put my finger on any one thing in specific.


I have been part of this industry for around seven years now and much has changed over the years, technology for one has changed the way we function at various levels. While there is hue and cry over how Internet is the next big thing or not even next, ‘Internet’ is the big thing, the reality is still very different in some aspects.


Talking from my personal experience, whenever I have approached industry people for video interviews, (and I have shot quite a few for MxMIndia in the past one year), their first response is of excitement, excitement from being featured on camera, but the minute you tell them it’s for the Web, the excitement levels go down a bit because the web is not ‘television’.


Somehow television still remains the bigger medium (while that is true in terms of visibility) but for change to come, there needs to be a change in perception, of course apart from infrastructural development for other mediums to thrive and become as popular. The Media needs to be more neutral in approach I think, the content should matter more than the medium. If people in the trade will differentiate between formats (web vs. TV vs. print), then how do we expect to reach a level of convergence for the mass consumers?


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