One Big Idea by Shailesh Kapoor: Consumer-inclusive content generation is the future

18 Apr,2013

By Shailesh Kapoor


Content testing is now an established norm in the television industry. Channels test new programme concepts or pilots among consumers with the purpose of content development, or to take green-lighting decisions. We have tested more than 150 programmes across genres in the last four years. This industry-wide need also encouraged us to create a proprietary tool for this purpose, called True Value. There is conclusive data to prove that pre-testing content can reduce failure rate by almost 30-40%.


I believe that as we step into the next stage of television content, we can’t be satisfied with involving consumers only with content testing and post-launch feedback. The consumer’s mind is a fascinating melting pot of heterogeneous ideas, and tapping into them can throw up stories and formats that trained creative minds may not necessarily be able to conjure up.


Of course, the process of content generation using the consumers can’t be “random” in nature. Often, when I speak about this topic, the first broadcaster reaction is: “But consumers are not creative people.” But that’s the whole point. Because they are not “creative” people, they think like “normal” people. What we need to bring into the process are tools and devices that stimulate their thinking; some kind of a structure using which their rich minds can be channelized into concrete ideas.


We have been focusing on building such tools over the last year, and are happy to announce that 2013 should see definitive progress in this direction. I’m looking forward to working with like-minded channels and production houses to change the way content is generated, not only in India but also across the world.


Of the consumer, by the consumer, for the consumer!


– The writer is Founder-CEO, Ormax Media Research. His column, TV Trail, appears on MxMIndia every Thursday


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