One Big Idea by Sanjeev Kapoor: Brand integrations – redefining monetization of food in broadcasting

04 Apr,2013

By Sanjeev Kapoor, Celebrity chef & founder, FoodFood


Food today is not a mere consumable – it is rapidly acquiring a lifestyle halo. As prosperity invades Indian households, food is coming out from the kitchens and extending well into our lives. Food today has become experimental, has gone cosmopolitan and has discovered fusion. Broadcasters are thus tuning in to whet the appetite of their consumers, the viewing audience who are as much fed by the content as they feed the content. Advertisers have started sharing a substantial part of their budget on food and lifestyle shows.


Food in media has created a whole new avenue of advertising – innovative brand integration. There is not only opportunity for product placements, but the ingredients themselves can be branded, new concepts can be introduced and new methodologies demonstrated while simultaneously ‘pushing’ the brand itself. The chef, often seen as a guru, and emulated in the hope of achieving similar culinary success, becomes a natural spokesperson and endorser for products.


Food also naturally allows for a high degree of interactivity and entertainment. Both of which the consumer today seeks from the media. The food gamut is endless and covers a vast sphere from travel to entertainment to culture and even kids. Almost every aspect of media lends itself to food, be it game shows, travelogues, lifestyle features, talk shows, or even soaps… space for every brand to be naturally incorporated into the content!


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