One Big Idea by Sanjay Hemady: Let’s play the game now

10 Apr,2013

By Sanjay Hemady, Chief Operating Officer, HIT 95 FM


Thinking big for the business will mean many aspects never ever done before; some things that make the game to be different will have to be played. There will be various aspects that will need to be covered as a plan to turn around and turn to profitability.


A lot has been tried and written, as a revolutionary measure all stations coming together with a “Minimum Common Agenda” might be the first step in a collaborative way. Let’s bring in a smile, let’s enjoy the game of radio.


With a goal to reach a revenue figure and an objective to achieve a set deadline will make all the difference. Some hard audited facts have to be showcased, hard stands need to be taken, assistance from external consultants should highlight the last 10 years that were toiled completely… Some hard thinking needs to be done with authority and responsibility that should be exercised to achieve goals and objectives in a constructive and meaningful way.


Accept it, that the going has been tough, accept that we don’t see a sunrise with the same ongoing humdrum, accept that we have to pull up and run faster… but the radio teams are always geared to give their best.


The question is, do we have the authority to be responsible enough to steer progress? Do we know that some collective introspection is required? If yes, let’s take these measures immediately.


Appoint an eGoB of Empowered Group of Radio Broadcasters with a clear agenda based on a result oriented plan and timelines. Invite a respected personality who can be an acceptable figure by all to guide the radio business to prosperity. This personality should spearhead radio agenda aggressively. This was effectively done in the olden times. Take the example of the first Maurya emperor Chandragupta and the scholar, teacher, philosopher Chanakya regarded as the master strategist who was heard by one and all. A quote which might be relevant for us today: “Learn from the mistakes of others… you can’t live long enough to make them all yourselves!!”


A fresh new thinking, a fresh new approach is the need of the hour.


Are we in a state to name the gentleman who will be radio’s game changer? Or who will be the father of Indian radio or a Chanakya…?


Radio’s time will come and we know the game, so let’s play it now!


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